Geotechnical Investigation

imageThe purpose of geotechnical investigation is to research and characterize the geological conditions of the study area (including topographic, geomorphological conditions, geological structure, physico-mechanical properties of soil and rock, hydrogeological conditions…), then set up the reasonable technical and low-cost solution for the current project.

•  In-situ tests:
- Standard penetration test (SPT)
- Plate loading test
- Cone penetration test
- Vane shear test
- Pore water Pressure monitoring test
- Permeability test
- Soil resistivity test
•  Laboratory Tests:
- Physico-mechanical test for undisturbed soil and rock samples
- Unconfined compression test
- Consolidation Test (one cycle, two cycle)
- Triaxial Test (UU,CU,CD, consolidation, permeability)
- Permeability test
- Chemical analysis for ground water
- ……………

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