Chroy Changva Bridge also known as the Friendship Cambodia-Japan Bridge is one of the main gateway from the north into the capital and it is often congested because of the rapid increase in car traffic. The Cambodian government recognizes: "Roads, bridges are the lifeblood of economic of the country" and infrastructure development is one of the first task today. New Chroy  Changva Bridge was built by a loan from China, it contributes to solving the traffic congestion, create favorable conditions for trade between the region and neighboring provinces to Phnom Penh.

Charged items by HAICAM:
+ Geotechnical Investigation: Drilling on banks and streams, Standard penetration test (SPT), testing for soil and rock samples (physico-mechanical properties for soil samples (09 properties) according to ASTM Standard, Unconfined compress test, Undrained Unconsolidated Triaxial test (UU), Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Compressive test (CU), Underground water analysis, Physical-mechanical test on rock (Unconfined Compression test)), making technical report.
+ Topographical Survey: Measure of Topographic plan on streams and on banks, Cross section of the banks measuring, Cross section of the stream measuring, Coordination and elevation network (GPS), etc…
+ Meteo-Hydrographic Survey

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