Topographical Survey

imageThe purpose of topographical survey is to research into topographic conditions of the study area and to collect appropriate data for design and related work. Drawing the topographic map:

- Scale of 1/200, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/5000
- Setting up benchmarks for surveying
- Co-ordinate and elevation network
- Surveying the cross section, longitudinal section

In addition, a survey for construction work is carried out to serve construction projects in their execution.

- Establishing control network for execution
- Positioning the construction area
- Validating the accuracy of construction work
- Positioning the centre line of construction work
- Positioning the foundation
- Postioning the main axes and auxiliary axes in construction work
- Setting up the coordinate system for construction work
- Monitoring the displacement of construction work (monitoring the settlement, horizontal and vertical movement…)
- ………..

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