imageHAI (Cambodia) Survey & Construction Co., Ltd operated mainly in the field of geotechnical investigation, topographical survey, hydrogeological investigation and construction materials testing.

HAI (Cambodia) Survey & Construction Co., Ltd set up under Business License No: Co. 0520 E/2015, dated February 05th, registered at Ministry of Commerce. HAICAM Co., Ltd operates within the limits of Firms Law of Kingdom of Cambodia.

With the many changes associated with the change up of the country, from a small unit at its foundation the company has flourished with many parts, the field survey work all over the country. Field survey work is diverse, including: geological investigation, topographical survey, hydrogeological investigation, construction materials testing, and other business areas. These projects are always completed on schedule with the best quality, the domestic and foreign customers trust and appreciation.

Since the company was established to now, our company always mettle motto "Quality Comes First ".

With the experience and valuable practical lessons learned over last years, the company will write new history, significant contribution in the industrialization and modernization of the country. In the market economy as well as in the current international economic integration, HAI (Cambodia) Survey & Construction Co., Ltd always desired joint ventures with domestic and foreign partners to together development, to build a brand "HAICAM" strongly, worthy of being one of the leading in the field of construction survey in Cambodia.

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